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Profile picture of me hiking I am a Cloud Engineer at LuxCarta, specializing in architecting and deploying AWS cloud infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code tools. My career began in various development roles, encompassing geospatial and web technologies, before fully embracing cloud solutions in 2022. My technical journey is underpinned by a dual major in Computer Science and Geoinformatics from my undergraduate studies, followed by an MSc in Geoinformatics, also from Stellenbosch University. Additionally, I have completed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification at the end of 2022.

Technology and programming are my passions, driving me to solve complex problems and innovate continually. Away from the computer, I'm an avid outdoorsman—originally from a farm in Northern Cape. I enjoy hiking as well as drone and DSLR photography, making the most of every opportunity to explore the outdoors. My interest in genealogy combined with my love for web technologies has also led me to digitize our family tree, creating a user-friendly website that preserves our family history.

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    Johannes Jacobus
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    South African
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  • Cloud EngineerLuxCarta
    March 2024 - Present

    As a Cloud Engineer at LuxCarta, I specialize in the architecture and implementation of scalable cloud infrastructure via Amazon Web Services (AWS). My primary tools include Terraform and AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure automation, complemented by Python scripting to enhance deployment processes. My responsibilities extend to assisting in the migration from on-premise tools and legacy AWS setups to optimized, multi-account AWS environments adhering to best practices. I also play a key role in cost management and optimization of cloud resources. Additionally, I contribute to the BrightEarth On-Demand development team, focusing on bringing our geospatial data processing platform to market and ensuring it meets the standards of the AWS Foundational Technical Review.

  • Web DeveloperLuxCarta
    June 2021 - February 2024

    In this role, I focused on the development of web-based GIS applications utilized both internally and by clients in industries like 5G network planning, simulation markets, and smart city initiatives. My responsibilities spanned full-stack development, incorporating both back-end (PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx) and front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). I played a pivotal role in migrating these applications to the cloud, significantly enhancing processing capabilities through concurrent multi-container processing using AWS Batch. Additionally, I occasionally developed geospatial applications in Python, further diversifying my technical expertise.

  • GIS TechnicianLuxCarta
    March 2021 - May 2021

    My temporary position as a GIS technician included several aspects of GIS and I mainly assisted with quality control of 3D land cover vector geospatial datasets for clients in the telecommunication market.

  • Student TutorStellenbosch University
    February 2019 – November 2020

    I was the tutor (head student assistant) for several university modules where I was responsible for weekly practical assignments (setup and all administration related to marking). I also helped out with test marking and presented lectures when needed.

    I tutored the following modules:

    • Geographical Information Technology 311Spatial Data Acquisition February – June 2019
    • Geographical Information Technology 242Photogrammetry July – November 2019
    • Geographical Information Technology 311Spatial Data Acquisition February – June 2020
    • Geographical Information Technology 241Spatial Data Management July – November 2020
  • Student AssistantStellenbosch University
    July 2017 – November 2018

    I was a student assistant for several university module where I helped students with practicals and assessed their practical work. I find joy in helping others where I can and being a student assistant gave me the opportunity to do so while also refreshing my memory on GIS concepts and problems.

    I was a student assistant for the following modules:

    • Geographical Information Technology 242Photogrammetry July - November 2017
    • Geographical Information Technology 241Spatial Data Management July - November 2018
    • Geographical Information Technology 341Spatial Modelling July - November 2018
  • Freelance Web DeveloperSxuirrel
    February 2018

    I took a very short project on at Sxuirrel, a start-up storage and venue company that was based in Stellenbosch, after being reffered by a fellow Computer Science student. I used basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript to add functionality to their existing website.

  • Research AssistantStellenbosch University
    February – November 2017

    In February 2017, I became a research assistant for Dr. Jaco Kemp to assist him with his research projects using synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) on mapping water bodies and vineyards. During this assistantship I wrote an automated script to weekly download Sentinel-1 imagery to build up a catalogue of SAR data. See the Portfolio section for more details.

  • Student GIS InternPeace Parks Foundation
    June 2016

    I did a short internship of three weeks at Peace Parks Foundation. In my time there I improved my ArcGIS skills and I was introduced to the SMART conservation software. For the rest of the time there I helped with tasks like setting up data capturing devices to be used by game rangers, printing and scanning large format maps and working through potentially useful data of Namibia to decide if it should be added to their database.

  • Junior GIS Data CapturerTracks4Africa
    May 2016 - December 2019

    Initially I did some digitizing of rivers in Angola to be used for the maps Tracks4Africa produces including web maps, GPS maps and printed maps. During the December vacation of 2016 I helped to produce the first edition of the Tracks4Africa Traveller's Atlas of Southern Africa. It was an exceptional learning experience to be part of the whole process of producing an atlas. In January 2017 I started working part time at Tracks4Africa. One of my last projects was to create customer support videos for their YouTube channel.

  • Owner & Web DeveloperJango Hosting
    May 2015 - March 2021

    I've been interested in programming and web development since high scool. I've made my own websites since high school and in my first year at university I decided to apply my skills to help others get an online presence. As a result I've launched Jango Hosting - a web development business that offered WordPress web design & hosting services.

    Being a more affordable solution and engaging more personally with customers was always my number one priority. Due to my studies coming to an end and the fact that this was only a side project that was likely due to end at some stage as it doesn't fit perfectly with my main field of study, I have taken the decision to end Jango Hosting by March 2021. All clients were migrated to another well-respected web hosting company.

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  • MSc GeoinformaticsStellenbosch University
    2019 - 2021


    • Geographical Information Technology 875Geoinformatics Thesis 73%

    For my first year of my MSc in Geoinformatics, I aimed to map the current extent of the Prosopis invasion in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. I undertook a month's field work in the study area and covered a staggering distance of 6 300 kilometres while I collected ground truth data.

    The scale of the study area combined with uncertainty in distinguishing Prosopis from other woody plants made mapping the extent of Prosopis in the Northern Cape in a year's time unfeasable. It was decided at the end of 2019 to focus only on farm-level invasions in 2020.

    While the plan was to complete my masters research by December 2020, I had to extend it until 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19 on my fieldwork. A final field trip was undertaken in October 2020. From analysis of Landsat satellite imagery and landowner interviews, management action effectiveness were derived. See the Portfolio section for more details.

  • Honours BSc GeoinformaticsStellenbosch University


    • Geographical Information Technology 712Advanced Remote Sensing 69%
    • Geographical Information Technology 713Geographical Information Systems 76%
    • Geographical Information Technology 716Spatial Modelling and Geographical Communication 77%
    • Geographical Information Technology 742Environmental Geography Research Application 72%

    For my honours research project I used LiDAR data to detect canopy gaps in Cape Town plantations. See my blog post with findings and figures.

  • BSc GeoinformaticsStellenbosch University
    2015 - 2017

      3rd Year

    • Geographical Information Technology 311Spatial Data Acquisition 82%
    • Geographical Information Technology 312Spatial Analysis 69%
    • Computer Science 244Computer Architecture 65%
    • Computer Science 314Concurrency 64%
    • Computer Science 334Web Development 92%
    • Geographical Information Technology 341Spatial Modelling 78%
    • Geographical Information Technology 342Advanced Remote Sensing 70%
    • Computer Science 344Software Engineering 73%
    • Computer Science 354Computer Networks 76%
    • Scientific Computing 372

      2nd Year

    • Computer Science 214Data Structures and Algorithms 80%
    • Geographical Information Technology 211Earth Observation 73%
    • Geographical Information Technology 214Geographical Information Systems 90%
    • Computer Science 244Computer Architecture 65%
    • Geographical Information Technology 241Spatial Data Management 81%
    • Geographical Information Technology 242Photogrammetry 81%
    • Statistical Methods 176Statistical Methods with Computer Implementation 75%
    • Scientific Computing 272
    • Socio-Informatics 262Electronic Business and Government 69%

      1st Year

    • Physics 114Introductory Physics A 50%
    • Computer Science 114Introductory Computer Science 86%
    • Mathematics 114Calculus 56%
    • Geo-Environmental Science 124Introduction to Human-Environmental Systems 76%
    • Physics 144Introductory Physics B 50%
    • Computer Science 144Introductory Computer Science 89%
    • Mathematics 144Calculus and Linear Algebra 51%
    • Geo-Environmental Science 154Introduction to Earth Systems Science 65%
    • Computer Skills 171
    • Scientific Communication 172
  • National Senior CertificateDuineveld High School


    • Afrikaans Home Language 83%
    • English Home Language 80%
    • Mathematics 78%
    • Life Orientation 88%
    • Geography - Top Candidate in Northern Cape 89%
    • Physical Science 78%
    • Information Technology 91%




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Terraform, CloudFormation
DynamoDB, MySQL & PostgreSQL
PHP & WordPress
Linux, Bash
ArcPy, ArcGIS & QGIS

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