ISPRS Conference 2022

Nice, France

6 - 11 June 2022

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

In June of 2022 I attended the ISPRS Conference that was held in Nice France and I was joined by colleagues from both our South African and French offices. The presentations provided some insightful new knowledge around deep learning models and how to optimize them for landuse and landcover extraction, which is an important part of our BrightEarth product.

Not only did I attend the conference, but our company also had an exhibitor stand where we demonstrated the real-time capabilities of extracting buildings, trees and other land cover classes from satellite imagery using BrightEarth - the product provide clients with both a graphical web interface as well as a REST API. One of my colleagues also presented the advancements in BrightEarth during a live presentation session.

To learn more about BrightEarth and its wide range of applications, visit the dedicated BrightEarth website and the LuxCarta blog.

Our company booth at ISPRS
A colleague presenting BrightEarth
A closer look at the BrightEarth UI